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I Wanna Riot 77.

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We’re fans of DIY publishing in rabble. Dublin has a fine tradition of it. Long standing punk zine Riot 77 are hawking their 17th edition at the moment. Here’s what they have to say for themselves: “Riot 77 is available in Dublin from Freebird Records (Wicklow Street), Spindizzy Records (Georges Arcade) and Thomas House Pub (86 Thomas Street) for the meagre sum of 3 Euros. Available in the U.K. through That’s … Read More

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Flashback To The All City Jam.

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Here’s a video shot and edited by Mark Verling that captures some of the art work at the recent All City Jam. The soundtrack features a track from Midnight Eez, a Bronx crew that got a release on All City with a very odd back story all of their own. The Tivoli grounds look set to serve up another summer session over the August Bank Holiday weekend with the Dublin … Read More

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Unwelcoming Bush In 2004.

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Captured tanks, the pissing rain and running around fields being chased by thousands of cops. Who remembers the Ambush mobilisation against George Bush’s visit to Shannon Airport? The summer of 2004 was a heady age of protest matched with a  huge state mobilisation to dampen it.  Donagh Davis reminds us: Ambush: 10 years ago today. Camping on motorway islands. Car chases with the Special Branch. Waterlogged tents. Bush. War. Client states. … Read More

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Subway Skating.

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We spent Saturday at the Tivoli car park watching skateboarders bust moves that would see us in A&E and we’ve been looping YouTube vids since. In New York the fine films by Colin Read (released by Mandible Claw) Tengu: God of Mischief document some hair-raising skate highlights. Check out the Subway mania in the video above (remember that 3rd track is live) and then have a look at some more … Read More

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Limerick Makes A Move.

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There’s far more to hip-hop in Limerick than the Rubberbandit’s codology. It’s roots run deep. Rashers Tierney had a very late night chat with Shane Curtain, he’s the chair of Make A Move – a community arts festival that you should really mark on your calendar. Some of the other rabblers were down at Make A Move last year.  Reports were good. Can you give us the low down on … Read More

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Limerick Celebrates Its Counter-Culturalistas.

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Making the Cut looks at the legacy of counter-cultural youth and those that dared to break with conformity in Limerick City during the heady late sixties and early seventies. It takes place as part of a whole raft of events under the EVA International 2014 banner, an art event dancing around the term ‘agitationism’ as a thematic pivot.  Making the Cut jumps back to look at how the global sixties counter culture rubbed off … Read More

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Zero Culture: Limerick and An Excercise In Branding.

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Being a City of Culture ain’t about the free dinners and photo opportunities. Bock the Robber looks at how the people of Limerick took the power back. We’re three months into 2014 and Limerick City of Culture has finally appointed a director, but that’s only part of the story. It’s surprising how many people think Limerick is European City of Culture when in reality it’s a political ploy. Michael Noonan … Read More

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Back In The Day.

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  Interested in the origins of hip hop culture, fashion and street photography? Then this is for you. As a young man, Jamel Shabazz documented the street style immortalized in early hip hop. His website is chockerblock with vintage shots of Brooklyn hood life.  It’s a bit slow loading, but worth a look. Talking about the sort of folk he put on film, Fab Five Freddy said: These were the heroes, these … Read More

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Nun Attax.

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  ‘Get That Monster Off The Stage’ is a radio documentary about the late Finbarr Donnelly and his bands Nun Attax, Five go Down to the Sea and Beethoven. The full 48min documentary is available here via Paul McDermott’s Soundcloud site. An engaging documentary that gives an insight into the seminal bands that had one common thread, the enigmatic Donnelly. Fans of Donnelly and Irish music history will be interested in … Read More