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Rave Against The Machine.

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Photographer Matthew Smith’s Exist To Resist documents the history of activism and having it in the years before and after the infamous Criminal Justice Act of 1994. This was a cunning piece of legislation designed to wipe out rave culture in the UK. The project smashed through its initial ask on Kickstarter by doubling its target.  This isn’t another huckster making dollar off memory- it’s a sharp reminder of what we’ve lost. Rashers Tierney caught up with Matthew to talk branded protests and the enclosure of counter culture. Looking back these were a really powerful few years, however with my cynics hat on (and I borrowed it from a friend) could one view these years of raving and partying however as sort of a retreat from politics, like almost a defeatism really until the CJA came in and forced people to get political again? Or were the politics always there? The way the three marches grew in size from 20,000 people on the first one to 100,000 people on the … Read More

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A Tale Of Bloody-Minded Tenacity.

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When was Pallas formed?

Pallas was formed in 1996 when myself and Brian Duggan located a building on Foley Street. It was an old knitwear factory called Pallas Knitwear so after a bit of pre-ambling about a few different names we decided on Pallas because Pallas was the goddess of the muses, the goddess of intellect and the goddess of war. We knew we were going to be in for a rough ride so we wanted her on our side.

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Listen to Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs.

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This band came to our attention last summer as part of an exemplary line-up of heavy psychedelia and noise at Raw Power festival in London. Heralded as one of the sets of that weekend, the quintet from Newcastle laid their cards firmly on the table. Except these cards were metaphorical and musical and they pointed towards a somewhat frightening but awesome future. In fairness, they had two very strong records well under their belt at that point: The Wizard and the Seven Swines, released as a split 12” with Glasgow’s The Cosmic Dead in September 2013. The Cosmic Dead are headlining a very tasty Friday night line-up at Reverberation festival in Dublin in early April, and are all-round mighty improvisers in the field. There was also the wonderfully titled Psychopomp, which came a year later. Both are single tracks of about twenty minutes and are worth deep investigation (hint – there’s links to streams of them both above). The former swings pretty immediately into a signature riff that gets the listener hipping … Read More

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Insert Cake Pun Here.

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Bit Thorn caught up with the Jimmy Cake about their new album ‘Master’ to find what the hell took so long this time round, and received a rather large slice of reflection on the state of the realities facing musicians today in the process. Second helpings? Yes please… So, the Jimmy Cake, you’ve just released your new album ‘Master’ which has been about 5 years in the making. Firstly, I guess, tell us a little bit about it and secondly, why did it take so long? We began recording ‘Master’ nearly 6 years ago. Although the initial material had come together relatively quickly, the recording process was drawn out over the space of 3 years or so, real life realities meant the band had to take a back seat for some periods of time. When all the stuff was finally recorded we found ourselves in a situation where we had no money left or anyone to mix it all. We decided to try using FundIt as a means to finish … Read More