Andrew’s Lane, ADW

Summer Street Art 2011

In #rabble1, Illustration, Print Editionby Freda Hughes1 Comment

Freda hughes has been archiving our city’s street art for donkies now. We asked her to select the five choicest cuts from the summers just gone.

Street art and graffiti reveal a subculture beyond the organised structures of our society. The interplay between the artist and the city fascinates me, as does the artists’ acceptance of the transience and public ownership of their art. These pictures are just a small sample of the illegal and transient artwork that adorn our city streets.


  1. Nice paper looks fresh and original compared to the other crap out there. looking forward to future editions.

    By the way the piece painted behind the Bernard Shaw was painted by a young lad called LE BAS & the piece in the Tivoli car park was painted by a by a guy called Crap (seriously)

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