{Comics} Irish Comics on the Web: Five of the Best

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1. The Cattle Raid of Cooley by Patrick Brown Currently standing at 140 pages online, this is an ambitious project that has been published every Wednesday for over three years. Self scripted and hand drawn in a rough and ready – but highly effective – manner, this is an outstanding body of work. If you like it, you should support the artist and buy the print editions.




2. Between Worlds by Anna Fitzpatrick A modern fantasy weekly webcomic wherein an erratic king of an eccentric empire is obsessed with stamping out witchcraft with a “peaceful iron fist”. He casts out one of his bodyguards whom he suspects of plotting against him. Between Worlds follows this knight, Juno, as she attempts to figure out what exactly has befallen her.




3. Swanny Nook by Luke Healy A webcomic chronicling “the adventures of three young teenagers lost in the infinity of timespace… or something…” The premise is that three teens are accidentally transported to another world in a magic shop accident. I’ve been enjoying this, the art is quite cutesy, but it’s funny and looks like it has potential.




4. Cyanide and Happiness by Dave McElfatrick and friends Bitter, cynical, sickening, horrible and offensive. Just some of the words used to describe this long running ‘stickman’ webcomic. To be fair, it’s not for the easily offended. Updated daily, it’s content ranges from awful to awfully good.




5. The Irish Comics Wiki Almost everything you ever wanted to know about the Irish comic scene. Its been online since 2008 and has over 1,200 entries, although presumably due to the lack of active contributors, it’s information is sometimes out of date.


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