Pro Choice Rally Dublin

Pro Choice Rally

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Pro Choice Rally Dublin

Pro Choice Rally Dublin

A large crowd estimated at 2,000 gathered outside the Dáil this evening to protest the tardiness of Ireland’s legislation on abortion availability in light of the tragic case of Savita Halappanavar.

Speakers from the public sphere such as Clare Daly called for action to applause and shouts of ‘Never Again’ while private individuals such as Siùsaidh Laoidhigh told their own personal tales to a rapt crowd.

The stage demanded that all come and bring more next Wednesday the 28th Nov at 6pm while the Dáil is voting on the Abortion Rights Bill


  1. i was there last night,& there was without doubt more than 600 people in attendance ! very strange how the RTE always underestimate the figures when its a Pro Choice Rally

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