Any of you received this automated call?

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This automated call has been doing the rounds over the last 48 hours.

Looks like someone in the pro-life movement is getting scared. That’s democracy for ya!!

Courtesy of our friends over on Shit Youth Defence Say this is a recording of an unsolicited automated message that has been doing the rounds in the last 48 hours. It’s the type of garbled yes speak the government referendum commission would be proud of. Churning out the same type of line you’ll read on a Youth Defence bulletin board it offers you the choice between ‘continuing to protect the mother and child under our current laws’ or ‘legislate on abortion based on the British model’.

The ‘Galway doctor’ quoted in the recording is Eamon O’Dwyer who was heavily involved in the Pro-Life Amendment Campaign. You know the one that got us into this mess in the first place. The one that identifies life from the moment of conception and places that life from henceforth on equal footing with that of the woman that gestates it. It’s hardly a fair and unbaised telephone survey looking to implement the will of the people.

So if you’ve received this call and your angry about it log an auld complaint over at, Telephone 1890 229668. And if you were on the opt-out list for no bushiness calls then give the Data Protection Commissioner a buzz on 1890 25 2231.


  1. Churches hand in it as always! and if thats not true, Sue me Lolll

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