A Tsunami of death – Creep after creep after creep

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John Waters As Mother Teresa.


John Waters and a rake of other creeps line up for a head fuck of a video.

They claim ” We stand among the nation as a “solidly pro life nation” and features among others Wendy Grace,  one of those token young folk that gets wheeled out by the Catholics to prattle on about her faith every now and then.  She’s actually really into sex. Or so she told the Irish Times. 

Further down the line I started attending a Catholic prayer group called Pure in Heart. I was intrigued to hear that the Church thinks that sex is great! And wants those of us who are married to have good sex lives within marriage. Similar to my brother when I began to live out my faith my friends were shocked to say the least – however as time has gone on they can really see how truly happy I am.

For once, it’s actual worth taking a gander through the Youtube comments on the video. They reveal something interesting about where public debate is going on this issue.

Shuddering shit, this video was shot in 1912 and has been coloured in by Hallmark, overdubbed by DeValera then chewed up and shat out by the Glorious Knights of Opus Dei. Warning – may put you off your dinner.

God Help Us


One commentator put it like this:

wow the comments below say it all about where the tide of public opinion is here in Ireland right now & only 300 odd views so far – how long before comments disabled – quite blatant lies in this vid regarding the views of the public in referenda after referenda & how abortion is never necessary to save the life of the mother – ‘a culture of death’ John? WTF? This from people who believe in transsubstantiation…nuts!

Ribbonedrat says:

Then I’m surprised they didn’t have someone dressed up as a leprechaun doing a wee jig for the yanks. They should probably go and read ‘Sive’ and watch the Magdalene sisters for a more accurate image of old Ireland. A bleak image.

Hugo Fitzpatrick says:

Quit after 1.45, I was laughing to hard at the absolute BS. The 15% are getting desperate.

I barely made it 30 seconds in before the stomach started to give. EWTN is of course one of those Catholic networks you can pick up on the sort of satellite dishes Lidl sells. In the past it has featured a stellar cast of celebrity  frock wearers such as  Father Benedict Groeschel,   who in an interview published in the National Catholic Register suggested that a minor was “the seducer” in “a lot” of sex abuse cases.

That’s just the tip of that ice berg. Check out this bizarre US religious site that seems to thrive on taking digs at the Vatican hierarchy.  It’s got a full list of salacious goings on over at EWTN.



  1. Managed almost 2 minutes before the sickness started…… Indeed “creep after creep after creep”

  2. They disabled comments in the last hour or so. I think the EWTN people have caught on to your shenanigans Dylan.

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