Nazis at Citywest

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Niko Puhakka with ‘Blood & Honour’ , ‘Life Rune’ and SS ‘Deaths Head’ tattoos.

Citywest is due to host a neo-nazi in February.(update: Celtic Gladiator has pulled the fighter from the event)

A mixed martial arts event promoted by Celtic Gladiator will include a Finnish neo-Nazi named Niko Puhakka. AFA Ireland and other groups are calling on Citywest Hotel and Celtic Gladiator to deny the nazi and his followers a space to promulgate their particular hateful views. He has had invitations withdrawn previously at events in Poland and England due to his nazi outlook.

Despite writing a letter which is published on the Celtic Gladiator facebook page trying to distance himself from his ‘past’ photos and video have emerged of him with other fascists as recently as November 2012.

Below are some photos of him and his associates.


  1. This cannot happen!!!!!!!!!!!!why would we want a person like him here?boycott!!!would you actually go and watch him fight??i wouldn’t.

  2. Pressure citywest and celtic gladiator!!they have him all over their fb page!

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  4. There’s no actual proof when these photos were taken. It’ all seems circumstantial. The pictures from youtube don’t prove anything as videos are known to be uploaded years after pictures are taken.

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