State Collusion

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A photograph that indicts the pillars of church and state as well as the very foundations of our society. Magdalene Laundry ‘inmates’ in a religious procession flanked by Gardaí.

The scene is from Gloucester St., Dublin in 1960. The Gardaí should have been arresting the religious figures here not aiding and abetting their horrific crimes.

The women who were tortured and enslaved in these institutions and have passed away are still perpetual victims of the Catholic church as their memories are abused even today. This video shows the extent to which their graves are desecrated and their remains removed from public access. May God forgive the clergy because we surely can’t.


  1. How does this scandal not receive more attention? How did the last one only close in 1996? Why has compensation not paid to the victims? How can the State defy the UN in not properly investigating it? (The other bafflingly ignored scandal is the fact that 10% of women and 3% of men in this State have been raped in this country but yet the savi survey/report has not been followed up more fully).

  2. because the catholic scum still run the show. they’re on the run though thankfully.

  3. Well, the schools are still sprouting catholic propaganda, since they’re funded by the church and there are few alternatives and Savita, Sheila Hodgers and Michelle Harte might still be alive if women here were given autonomy of their bodies. But the church appear to have shamed and brainwashed so well that the ideology that we should not question anything and wallow in our suppression has been internalised by most. Ugh. We’re a very apathetic nation. We just do as we’re told and will give in easily or stay quiet and mutter complaints underneath our breath for a quiet life instead of standing up for our f**king rights. We’re very much a ‘don’t make a scene or question the norm – what would the neighbours say?!’ Pathetic little nation.

  4. apathetic too a point and frustrating Lisa, but not pathetic. The vast majority of comments here on rabble are from people who care about issues and are either active or looking to get active in making positive change. I think that’s a good sign.

  5. I cannot believe this photgraph!!! Published on the day the state has repeated that it had little or no part in the Maglalene gulag, and when no government Minister was available to launch today’s Magdalene Report. The pic is extraordinary. A real police escort, not some kind of ‘guard of honour’, in a religious procession, to ensure that the illegally incarcerated slaves do no escape!!!!. Jesus wept!

    Congratuations on this outstanding piece of research.

    Did someone say something negative about Islam and women?!!!

  6. You wouldn’t have seen police/fascist-state misogyny like this in Franco’s Spain. What IS the scarily weird obsession with womens’ wombs in Ireland?

  7. The problem I believe is not that the state does not want to defy the UN’s advise to investigating the matter, the problem is that the Government who acts on behalf of the state that does not want to investigate the matter. much like I am not satisfied for the state to pay compensation, it is the Governments and the Church leaders who need to be held accountable, sue’d and jailed, and who should compensate the people of our country who they have exploited, humiliated and scared for life, getting the state to pay is not the answer, these bodies are simply shifting the blame onto the state, so they’re friends and accomplices, the real culprits are not being named and and shamed and held accountable, so at the end of the day the burden is being shifted to tax payer(the state, the people), who realistically where not involved.

    There is a major difference between the State and the Government, the state is the people and the peoples resources, Governments are elected to manage our affairs, we are misled to believe by them and their media friends that they want to take care and manage our money and resources and state affairs for the good of the state(the people), use it to build infrastructure, a sustainable economy, and develop our resources responsibly and efficiently, which they have proven if we look at the facts and figures more closely, is not their agenda. So the question remains, why do we not sack these people and elect people who actually do have these ambitions and our interests at heart, people who respect the people and appreciate the great privilege they have been appointed too. Of coarse they have made it an agenda to make sure the majority of the people of this country are not educated and created a disinterested in politics or their political environment, rendering the people of the country vulnerable to be exploited. Times are changing I hope and believe

  8. What I am trying to say is, if we ask the people of the state do they want the matter investigated, I believe the consensus will be a resounding YES, on the other hand If we ask the Government? well we can use our imagination on that one.

  9. In my comment above, last paragraph, in the last 4 line’s. what I am trying to say is :

    They have made an effort not to educate the majority of the people in this country in POLITICS or help them understand there political environment, which alone discourages people from making an effort to participate or hold an interest, on top of that also using there influence in the media, to make political issue’s sound over complicated and incomprehensible for most, rendering most people without a clear opinion or on the other hand tactically leaving them with a vague opinion that the elected governments would like the people to have.

  10. Bit of a misprint on the 1st line 3 comments up,

    What I meant to say is :

    The problem I believe is not that the State wants to defy the UN’s advise to investigating the matter,

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