Basta Berlusconi! : topless protestors attack

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Femen Activists arrested today

Femen Activists arrested today

The Italian equivalent of Leader’s Questions took place today in a polling station as Femen activists tried and failed to attack Silvio Berlusconi as he voted in the general election.

The sight of topless women throwing themselves at Berlusconi will be nothing new to him although these ones were rather more angry than his usual selection. Shouting ‘Basta Berlusconi’ (‘Enough Berlusconi’) the protestors from the Ukrainian originated feminist movement sprang from the ranks of journalists following the former Prime Minister as he went to vote in Italy’s General Election.


For more on Femen visit their Facebook page (Death to Berlusconi) here 



  1. Femen…sometimes I’m not sure if I want to know what goes on in your head…

  2. they are a little cringeworthy , they only seem to be interested in media splash porn , they are only targeting Silvio cos he’s a misogynistic fuckhead and the ‘Ruby scandal’, which is an honourable deed, but its one small part of Il Papi’s dodgyness (media control , giving himself amnesty , complicity in bombings , strategy of tension etc) … Femen are harshly anti Islam which doesn’t really get ya many friends in the left. they once stuck a pic of Angela Davis on their profile , claiming an afinity to black panthers, all very weird and half thought out , cos she was pretty much pro-Soviet at the time (even though Femen started in the Ukraine). It’s high end pomofem activism , they just care about one aspect of patriarchy and screw the rest. Hop around the world , ignore local protest or movements , create a fuss , get slapped around , look oppressed . Tis a bit woolly.. 🙁

  3. Kind of similiar to Wikileaks there unfortenatley? Anyway on the bright side if that analysis is accurate then Italy has surpassed us as the most reactionary country in Western Europe?

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