Councillor Brewer

‘Disabled Children Should Be Put Down’

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Councillor Brewer

Councillor Brewer

(Update below) A Cornwall councillor has apologised but refused to resign after telling a disability charity that all disabled children “should be put down”.

Colin Brewer, independent councillor Wadebridge East, made the comments to Disability Cornwall at County Hall when the group had an information stand at an event to allow councillors to meet equalities organisations and understand some of the issues they face.

At the event, in October 2011, Mr Brewer approached the stand and was told how the group helps parents of children with special educational needs. He replied

“Disabled children cost the council too much money and should be put down.”

It has only come to light now, months before elections in Cornwall.

UPDATE: Brewer stepped down following the outcry over his comments two months ago. However, he was re-elected a month ago and has once again caused controversy. The Mirror reports:

He launched his latest rant in a chat with Disability News Service where he said farmers deal with deformed lambs by “smashing them against a wall”. He added:

“If they have a misshapen lamb, they get rid of it. Bang.”

Mr Brewer discussed his views with a farmer from his Wadebridge East ward in Cornwall. The councillor added: “He didn’t see a lot wrong with what I said, because it is ­something they do every day.

“We are just animals. He has a point, you can’t have lambs running around with five legs and two heads.”

When asked if he could ­seriously compare a ­disabled child to a deformed lamb, independent Mr Brewer said: “The cost has to be evaluated.

“It is not ­something I would like to do but there’s only so much in the bucket.”

Asked whether there was an argument for killing disabled children with high support needs to save cash, he replied: “Yes.”



  1. There’s certainly an executive position or two in the HSE he could manage…

  2. I’m a little torn – I think it was a flippant remark in bad taste but before he had a chance to apologise the people left. Just saying not to be too damning, I’ve said stupid things and I’m sure everyone else has. If he was standing by the remark, like our lads do when they say Travellers should be put on reservations or foreigners should be put in camps then that’s a different story. Mind you they’re asking him to resign, here he’d be given extra expenses and a new secretary, pension, office and golden handshake.

    1. Please don’t jump in here to defend this piece of shit for a human being because of some imagined similiarities between your stupid things and his. This is more than flippant – this is ablelist, bigotted and dangerous. He said it, he thinks it, and he shall be judged. Fuck him!

  3. Very offensive indeed! As is the remark “he’s not even Irish” but I’m guessing that’s a “joke” …

  4. Attitudes to the disabled are horrific in England, I doubt his case is an isolated one.

  5. What an absolute fuckhole. Even if it was a flippant remark its the fact that it sprang to mind and mouth so readily really.

  6. This person Colin Brewer is DESPICABLE !!!!!!!!

  7. Seeing as he’s ethically and humanitarianly disabled…we’ll have to make start right there..pass the stun gun.

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