Put Down that oul x-box and help mammy with the dinner

Healy Eames wants games to stop after 2 hours

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Put Down that oul x-box and help mammy with the dinner

Put Down that oul x-box and help mammy with the dinner

“I believe it is not unreasonable to demand some class of a microchip to be installed that shuts the game down after two hours”

With a hat-tip to BreakingNews.ie we learned today that Galway Senator Freely Memes Senator Fidelma Healy Eames previously pledged to write to the National Consumer Association in 2011 to have chips fitted to gaming consoles so they will shut down after two hours.

“Apart from the health point of view, thousands of our children, teens and even young married men are spending endless hours on these machines. Just ask parents how difficult it is.”

Having compared the ill effects of playing video games to those of smoking she pledged to get manufacturers to fit devices which would automatically shut down the consoles and then keep them off for some time. Onwards to the dystopian tomorrow where the non video gaming Irish master race will be free to frape and sext as much as they want.

What a loo-laa. Can you imagine the craic in the National Consumer Association when they got the young intern to ring up Sony and Microsoft and ask them to ‘stick a chip in there that we can get the young fella off the couch’

The Senator, who is going on another ‘fact-finding mission’ to the USA on the tab  of some shadowy American pro-life fundamentalist group despite political contributions to the seanad being capped, has been all over the news since being given a Senate seat. Following three failed general election campaign the Labour Panel consisting of the Irish Conference of Professional and Service Associations & the Irish Congress of Trade Unions gave her a seat in the Seanad on a salary of €65,621 BEFORE expenses.

Panti Bliss recalls Fidelma’s wonderful contribtuion to the control of social media debate.



  1. Can we have a chip fitted in her so that she will become unable to talk shite?

  2. Viva..sectioned…I just did it up above…we’re doing a new range of Fidelma burgers with Palin sauce

  3. God how I loathe Her! She also wants kids with disabilities out of mainstream classrooms, too ‘expensive’ and ‘distracting’, what so Fidelma? Re-open the institutions and feed them to the Clergy? She is abhorrent!

  4. Sonja Luan Devine do you have a link for that? That really is a terrible, terrible approach. I didn’t think I could loathe her more.

  5. It was an article in the ‘Galway Advertiser’ a long time ago. I am a SN Mum, and I have always mainstreamed my son, so I was spitting nails when I read it, I’ll have a look for it….

  6. Here it is Cabbage McCafferty… nauseating, when you consider our shameful history of excluding individuals with disabilities from our society…

  7. she needs a reality check ,perhaps a kick in the james blunt would suffice

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