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They've been promoting it with street art and free chapter downloads.

They’ve been promoting it with street art and free chapter downloads.

 The wonderful Strumpet City, an epic tale of strife and tenement life stretching across 1913 is this month’s One City One Book and we’ve copies to give away.

Apart from some of the work done by the Docklands group we’ve been hugely underwhelmed with attempts to commemorate the 1913 Lock Out so far. Bit of a curve ball so that one of the most appropriate and engaging activities is Dublin City Council’s urging of the city en masse to pick up Plunkett’s dome and give it the once over.

There’s dozens of events on across the month, and they vary from looking at tenement life to plain and simple readings to more academic talks. Definitely a positive sign to see  Wednesday’s Bread and Roses: Strumpet City Revisited with the likes of Christine Dwyer Hickey, Diarmuid Ferriter and Peter Sheridan discussing the work completely booked out.

There is a documentary on James Plunkett floating around out there somewhere, most likely locked away from any use in that infernal RTE archive. Yes, here it is – Joesph Plunkett ‘Conscience of A City.’ Surely someone out there is in a position to liberate it from Montrose and up it to Youtube for us mere mortals? I remember a great line in it, where it called him “the Sean O’Casey of TV.”

Wait, I’m rabbling on now – this was about a competition right? Well One City One Book have given us a few of these so called bukes to give away. All you have to do is go stick some ticks in this survey and that’s that.



  1. Great book – fair play to DCC for choosing as One City One Book for year that’s in it and nice one on the competition!

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