Our Fund:it ends on Monday May 27th – details here. Yeeow!!

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We’re into the final stretch. It all ends on Monday morning at approximately 11am. So it’s time to donate and share good folks!

We’re not home yet, but the final furlong is in sight. We need your support not more than ever. Share early, share often – let’s get word about what we are trying to do out far and wide. Should we succeed in our goal, we’ll have broken new ground in developing a space for a critically engaged media in Ireland – proving the notion that reader sustained media is a possibility here. That’s no mean feat.

You’ve all heard the rhetoric before. So, no its time for less talk more action really.  Here’s a set of images, videos and links that you can use as an arsenal to hit up your social networks as the clock ticks on us.

Donate as little as 5e and yer in the raffle!

There’s lots of reasons to support this Fund:it, not only are there ace rewards on to go – but there’s a slew of shit to be raffled off at the end as well.

So, don’t forget if you become a rabble Fund:it supporter you could win two tickets to the UK’s most mental festival, the one and only Boomtown. The lads behind the Big Jim comic book have thrown us two signed original ink drawings to give away as well.


Why the fundraising?

rabble sustained itself through its first year with old skool methods of crowdfunding like gigs and merch sales around Dublin. Now it wants to take things to the next level by experimenting with the concept of reader supported journalism, by securing a years worth of funding for a magazine that acts like a megaphone for the voiceless.

rabble Fundit page is at http://www.fundit.ie/project/keep-us-printing

Our Fundit ends on May 27th at 11am approximately.

Links to previous issues of Rabble: http://issuu.com/rabble

We live on line at https://www.rabble.ie/

rabble Fund:it Videos:



Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/wearerabble Let’s be friends: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rabble/126266120752243

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