Ladri di biciclette

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It would bring a tear to your eye. Dublin’s George’s St citizens take the law into their own hands and do a stranger a solid.

h/t Brian McCarthy



  1. I love them! I’ve had my bike robbed (got it back), and reported people selling clearly stolen bikes…but this takes it to the next level. Citizens on patrol!!

  2. i helped stop a bike thief outside DIT Aungier Street today. luckily two guards on motorbikes were passing and they ran the little shit down!

  3. David Lynch a red giant bike stolen… this is interesting. Could be the same guy?

  4. reminds me of when I found someone walking down the high street with my ex GFs mountain bike he had just nicked from outside the pub she worked in, he was kind of suprised when i asked him where she was, and trying to explain how he had her bike when he didnt know her!

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