Charity Regulator Spells Trouble For Pro-Life & Reform Alliance

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Jim Daly TD accuses Pro-Life charity associated with Reform Alliance of targeting elderly & vulnerable for donations

Speaking under Dáil privilege, Jim Daly TD adds to concerns over the Central Remedial Clinic and Rehab scandal with reference to Family & Life, the estranged Irish branch of Human Life International founded by Peter Scully of Youth Defence . The registered charity which refuses to co-operate with SIPO (Standards in Public Office) despite being warned it was breaking guidelines by paying for trips to America for elected politicians.

“We cannot assume that because it’s charitable that it’s holier than thou and that it’s good. There are many organisations that I have many concerns about and I’m going to mention one on the record here which is ‘Family & Life’. (and) In the letters that they send out to, what I think are a very targeted audience, primarily elderly, vulnerable people. Soliciting donations up to and including €7,000 euro in the name of charity. I think it deserves a more strong light to be shone in on that particular organisation but there are many numerous organisations and I think we’ll have to be courage, we’ll have to have brave and we’ll have to continue on our quest to shine that light”

Many Fine Gael deputies are still smarting from a bruising PLDP Bill campaign but many organisations certainly deserve a bit more light. As for fact finding missions to America? Surely the real story for Irish women remains across the Irish sea.

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There was much confusion recently when Jim Corr was rumoured to be speaking at the RDS ‘monster meeting’. Lucinda Creighton was quick to point it was fake twitter account but away from chemtrails and the New World Order it’s easy forgot most her Reform Alliance colleagues were flown to America last year by a group who oppose condoms & vaccinating children.

Family & Life?

Trip to New York?

(video via OireachtasRetortTV)


  1. Anyone ever seen how the donate section of these websites have large and very obvious sections about leaving money in a will? Strangely I’ve never seen such a section on the Red Cross or UNICEF websites.

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