#rabbleEarth: Who Funds Climate Change Deniers?

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As extreme weather becomes the norm it is long past time that man-made climate change was accepted as a scientific fact.

Drexel University researchers did a little digging to see who is funding the propaganda behind climate change denial. The Young Turks take a look at the researchers’ findings, the money trail is clear and it goes right to the top of (principally American) politics.

“A study by Drexel University has identified the major sources of funding for climate change denial. Some of the names are all too familiar such as the Koch and Scaife families while some have done their best to remain obscure and have yet to get noticed…

In 2010 alone they spent $1.2 billion dollars on this, that’s what we’re up against.”

The Drexel University report is here


  1. There is profit in end of times for the three principle monotheistic faiths, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. All three have the same origin and all three have the same doctrinal goal, to being about the end of the world so that their god will return to ‘save’ them. It’s in all three books, the bible, the koran and the torah that salvation will come at the end of days. They are death cults and they are facilitating the end of human life.

  2. That’s simply preposterously stupid Stephen and so off topic it is not even worth rebuttal.

  3. there is profit in it if it means fracking, deforestation and drilling for oil is permitted in places it shouldnt, i feel
    those koch brothers are behind alot of this shit

  4. Eoin, go on, I’d love to read your rebuttal… if you’d like I’ll quote you chapter and verse from all three texts supporting the fact that all three faiths correlate salvation with the end of the world. If you care to engage with the argument, I suggest you learn how to argue first.

    Calling my post preposterously stupid says more about you than me.

    As for being off topic, I beg to differ, profit is not defined solely as a gain in monetary terms.

    Come on, Eoin, redeem yourself, prove my post is preposterously stupid, or at the very least that you are capable of a cogent argument.

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