David Quinn’s Short Memory

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It has been two months since Michelle Hennessy at The Journal started reporting on sex, lies and sellotape.

At this stage we almost have the full set with Youth Defence caught claiming ‘women have a way of shutting it down’, the Precious Life ‘Guide to Sex’ and more recently Prolife Campaign are in on the act with ‘Lifeworks’ and Ronan Mullen promising “accurate, balanced and reliable information on pregnancy, adoption, abortion and related issues”.

Naturally David Quinn has come out swinging and he himself was invited to speak to 120 teenage girls about abortion last year.

Sidestepping the issue of dubious if not harmful information, he has attempted to make this a question of chastity and school ethos but in the first, of four consecutive columns on the topic he waited until the last line before declaring

(Full disclosure – the Iona Institute and Pure in Heart work in the same building but are in no way affiliated.)

A fact which had already gone round social media but there is a bit more to the story.  Ben Conroy has appeared twice on radio [Drivetime & Last Word] in defence of Pure In Heart. He has recently started writing for the Iona Institute website and covered there and elsewhere.  Ben also happens to be Breda O’Brien’s son.

When it came to the sticky issue of sellotape on last night’s Primetime, rather than a spokesperson from Pure In Heart explain matters, we were informed that

“Pure In Heart introduced us to Katie Ascough who told us she attended a number of their talks”

Odd no?

Katie is the daughter of Sean Ascough. A director at Lolek LTD, aka the Iona Institute.

So no affiliation at all then. Except family, which David Quinn will tell you is best of all.

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