Humiliating Turnout for Youth Defence in Belfast.

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Youth Defence are on the move. Not too far unfortunately. Oireachtas Retort has a look at their day out.


Back in 2012, our intrepid photographer had great fun outside the Dáil

I have never been challenged so often at any demonstration as this evening as to whom I ‘represent’, which paper, and do I know the truth about the story. While being herded around the big screens carrying a Youth Defence video, so organisers could move the two ranks of young people to the front of the demo, an elderly woman followed me insisting that the Savita case was ‘being manipulated’. I replied ‘I can see that’.

People kept insisting that I take photographs of the young people, it was almost a mantra that rose above the hymns being sung by the crowd as they were getting ready for the second coming, or whatever it was the buzz was all about.

They are not keen on anyone pointing to the micromanagement behind these events.


Young people are totally leading the way you see…



According to the Northern Ireland Department of Social Development, Custom House Square in Belfast has a ‘maximum capacity’ of 5000.

It probably gets close enough to that, when packed, during the Belsonic festival.








Photo by Ramsey Cardy

Photo by Ramsey Cardy


Never to be bound by truth or physics however, Youth Defence managed an impressive 8000 for their joint ‘rally’ with Precious Life this afternoon.


Quite an achievement.

Let no one claim the crowd wasn’t politically aware.



You can get a better idea of density with this view from the back.


Jammers, there is even room for a marquee. Youth Defence have a big problem with the truth.

Who knows what else they are being dishonest about?



  1. Somebody should complain to Belfast City Council that they had an 3000 people above the capacity for the venue.
    I was at the counter demonstration outside city hall, the PSNI seemed to be very concerned about gathering our names and addresses

  2. I think you’re trying overly hard to portray them as liars. Instead of letting the pictures speak for themselves the tags are quite over the top. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows they’re full of shit. Writing an article with the sole purpose of making them sound bad just makes rabble look bad. You could have reported the numbers and let the statistic speak for themselves without the snide comments.

  3. They might be assuming that every woman is pregnant., with sextuplets. Lets not forget a foetus is a life too!!

  4. Do the pictures not speak for themselves? It’s a packed square of people who believe in pro-life issues. You’d think ten people showed up with a bunch of mirrors. What a poor article on’s part.

  5. Humiliating? I would to see if the pro-abortionists can muster that much without resorting to unions and political parties to fill their ranks. And what about last years march for life in Dublin? That brought 60,000 people.

  6. I normally like rabble but this article is cringe and trying to hard! I don’t care what side the journalist is on – just report with the facts please & save the cattiness for some place else.

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