Stoneybatter Gets A Sinister Fringe.

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Private investigators believed to be employees of Eamon Gibney’s GUARDEX company have been videoing residents in the Stoneybatter area of Dublin 7.

In the attached video one of the men points at the resident and says “I didn’t film you, right?” before a local mother tells the men they shouldn’t be videoing outside a school.

Guardex have been employed by GMC/Sierra (a Denis O’Brien part owned subsidiary) to monitor residents.

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  1. People need to come out and stand up to this. It’s not acceptable to have a private company coming into your neighbourhood and recording residents without consent.

  2. if you look at full video its the video taker of these guys who is told not to be filming near a school, to many couch know all’s, if you are going to give an opinion be intelligent about it !!

  3. I assume this is not legal for a private company to come into a neighbourhood and record its residents, presumably under no concrete pretext… or if it is, how/why? I admit I’m not au fait with data protection/privacy laws but I thought you could only record people if it’s in the public interest. Which doesn’t seem to apply here.

    Either way, it’s as sinister as fuck.

  4. Photography in a public place isn’t illegal, whoever is doing it.

  5. lot of different angles on this whole mess, blocking streets, abuse of workers, water charges, all big bad mess that feeds the public frenzy, where does it end … what gov party can lead our country, when one has to think it is scarey!! this is what we need to concentrate on, who can keep us from getting into the mess past few years not calling guys scumbags, ect have educated debate,

    1. I’m baffled beyond belief that you could mention all of that without mentioning the heroic role of the Gardai.

      I agree about the scary idea of parties running a government. I’m generally scared of governance, and institutions of hierarchy and authority. I think the last thing in the world we need right now is to think which group of people could be elected by a fraction of the population to sit in a parliament and listen to civil servants, disgustingly powerful lobby groups and multinational corporations then have to listen as they spew back bullshit to us as they slowly realise that individual states, never mind each temporary government, bear very little autonomy over any significant financial transactions and decisions. Capitalism is not designed to help get people out of a rut. We have to build our own institutions to challenge the hegemony of these scumbag, grey, heartless institutions. We have to do it, and we should work hard and have more fun and bring colour and freedom into out live as we build a more respectful, peaceful, equal world.

      That seems like a more pressing issue to me than concentrating on what box to tick every couple of years.

  6. I am a firm believer in the right to film anything that goes on in a public place ( I’d consider exceptions for schools ). These guys have the same right to film as the protesters

    1. It’s not really about rights though is it? They were walking around filming people going about their day and they are doing it for a scumbag billionaire who owns Topaz, so-called Independent News & Media, GMC|Sierra and loads of other shit.

      I have a problem with them and I don’t want them in estate. They have a right to do whatever they want. In this case, and in all the other cases where they’ve been (and will be again) sneaking around and recording people, it’s my right to tell them to piss off because none of us that live here want them here. And they can take Irish Water/ GMC|Sierra/Dennis O’Brien and the Guards with them..

  7. Might be worth saying here that they told people they were just recording hoping to sell footage to TV3 or RTE but someone recognised them.

  8. So is it their intention to build a profile and target individual residents who oppose these meters. I think everyone who takes part should have no fear of being photographed including these sinister people who infiltrate protest for there own reasons.

  9. There used to be people who would have a quite word in these bastard’s ears. Unfortunately, those people are now these people.

  10. lots of large talking about violence to these guys who put in these meters, most of these construction guys I think also worked on gas lines so now we have heros like king wanting to get people to have quiet word and using intelligent words like bastards and all the underluying threats, again people need to focus on who is goign to lead our country if this present fine gael/labour get booted should be put into who do we vote for cause where I see it were in a mess …and what is presently there now, and I mean all parties will bring us to our kness everyone get real stop the lets go kneecap everyone and join the real world…

  11. Opened this expecting to see a ‘Sinister Fridge’ and pretty disappointed not to.

  12. Halfwit protestors should get a job! Pay your taxes and obey the law of the land. if you don’t like the law elect someone who will change it!!
    People had the chance to rid the place of the Seanad and decided not to then cry foul that nothing has changed!!
    The eejits reading out the proclamation in the GPO a few weeks back are far from the leaders of 1916! They are thugs who use violence and intimidation in the protests and started a riot at the government buildings, causing people to be mace’d by outnumbered garda!

    Anyone with sense will see that the country who elected a government, who appointed a banking regulator, who failed to do his job, while we as a country convinced everyone to pump money into Ireland so we could all borrow heavily to enjoy the good times owe the money back and we are just coming out of the recession and this shit starts about revolution and bringing down the only government who have managed our economy with any degree of responsibility.
    Bring in sinn fein and the rest of the left eejits who want everyone to have everything while we all roast our arses on the beach and do nothing,,,,, just how is that supposed to work???
    Remember you can only have 3 wishes now lads!!!

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