Spotted In Banba.

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The ideal gift for the war mad junior imperialist in your life. It’s just one in a line of bombed out civilian dwellings from model makers Airfix.

They sure start them young. There’s some worthy reading on the whole gendered madness of  play over at the No Gender December website.

Cheers to Red Eye for the photo.


  1. It’s nice and all, but what I was really hoping for was a post drone strike corpse pile. In beige.

  2. Banba is Toymaster, isn’t it? Just to be fair to Smyths – I don’t think they sell this type of model kit – their web site only shows five model kits, only two of which are military related (modern helicopter and World War I bi-plane).

  3. So what’s the big deal? It’s a building to be used in war time dioramas. Nothing in wrong with that.

  4. I personally think building a model of something doesn’t glorify it or condone it – it allows you to try to get your head around it. As an extreme example, when Picasso was painting his pictures of war-torn Guernica, he wasn’t trying to state his broad approval of what he was portraying. I would also suspect that most people making this model would tend towards adults and not kids – the boys would be more interested in the model of the big military machine that dropped the bomb than the repercussions of the bomb itself. They probably sell a lot of these in the States.

  5. It is a model of a damaged Afghan house. If owning models now means one is some sort of evil monster then please send the Stasi around to to have me re-educated as I’ve a large collection of trains and a number of WW2 and modern aircraft model kits. Not apologising for that.

  6. Wait!, I am confused… is this the school that NATO built for the natives? or is this the school NATO built for the natives and what it looks like after Obama droned it?
    Toys are so complicated for kids these days.

  7. But who had the model of a WW2 concentration camp, or a Vietnamese dwelling, or a house in Belfast during the troubles or a Palestinine family home, or even the crumbling Twin Towers that ‘started’ the Afgan war? This refers to citizens, innocent people, not soldiers and that is why it is not acceptable in what should be a mature society, what are you teaching your kids (or yourself) with this or any other war-related toys/models? Just a thought. David J Kiniry

  8. isn’t this just an example of a ghost estate in Longford or somewhere around the country no…..?

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