ReNua, Rebooty, Reject.

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The very popular Facebook page Renua Ireland has announced it is to change it’s name.

The parody page of the new political party run by Lucinda Creighton and possibly (on again, off again) Eddie Hobbs was setup in the vacuum that surrounded Renua Ireland‘s press launch day. Announcing their decision today they said:

“We came to this difficult decision as it was felt “the other lot” – those fiendish impostors – have done irreparable damage to our image, so it’s back to the drawing board for us, if we can find our crayons. It has absolutely nothing to do with quasi-fascists with poor PR skills complaining to Facebook about a vastly more popular page that was set up first with a similar name. Oh, no… We expect our page name and URL will change in the not too distant future. Thank you for your continued support and please help spread the word”

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From day one the contrast was stark. As Renua Ireland (parody) shot up to over 10,000 likes Renua Ireland (anti-aborty PDs) the party went from one blundering disaster to another car-crash interview.

Anyway, as they say in Bulgaria, transparency in politics. We’ll see where this all ends.





  1. parody page will remain the renua page in our hearts. hilarious satire will always trump meaningless guff.

  2. Runua broke the internet with their stupidity! Even Rabble is suffering from the fallout!

  3. Renua Ireland Party (RIP) – ideal name for a facebook page – sympathetic design style a must – provide a handy list of competent Six Feet Under Entrepeneurs,; top billing “Lucinda’s Lifers and Company”

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