The Price Of Your Soul.

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price of your soul

Hmmm. 20% off. We’ll not link the website directly, because that’d be like online picket crossing or something.

Is this a clever public wedge driving move by Dunnes management to shore up support among the public or a just a poxy cash in on a day of action? Either way it’s brazen. Solidarity messages and updates are pouring in from picket lines via the #decency4dunnes hastag.

If you are wondering what the strike is all about, then you could probably do with a read of this account from a Dunnes Worker.


  1. If you shop online with them today, you are crossing the Picket. Ergo, you are a Scab

  2. A ploy so they can say the strike had no adverse effects on their sales figures, scumbags

  3. Does anyone acknowledge that a vast majority of Dunnes workers are NOT on strike today? That they are not represented by Mandate & voted against strike action? Not here trolling or looking for a row, it just seems to be a point thats missed.

  4. Why would you publisize that? Shoulda kept stum and no-one would have noticed.

  5. Stop with the Fr Ted.It’s just slightly tedious and not very original.

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