#rabbleRuckus8: Presenting [Redacted] On #CultureNight.

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From running bars at various music festivals to scheming away on our brand spanking new website, boy have we been busy bunnies.  Now with summer coming to pass and old hibernation routines about to kick in, we’ve decided to have a blow out of epic proportions in our favorite new haunt Jigsaw.

And what a coincidence, the event just happens to take place on #CultureNight. So we’re upping our game and having a wee foyer into theatrics with this whole party being conceived as a participatory dance ritual based on a whole chunk of crowd interaction. What does any of that mean? Well, you’ll just have to come along on the night to witness for yourselves.

Pon selection duties we’ve got two of the city’s finest, Simon Conway and Giles Armstrong going back-to-back for those peak hours with various rabblers taking up support where needed.  What needs to be said about this pair? Simon and Giles cut their teeth running Electric City together many moons ago and have had their  fingers in pies ever since.

You can invite your sound mates to come along over on Facepuke. Doors will open around 2230 pm and its just 12 blips on the door and BYOB.

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