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Paul Murphy’s pursuit of a Freedom of Information request on the exact payment figures to Irish Water has proved fruitful.

This statement just went up on his Facebook page a few hours ago:

“Remember when Enda Kenny refused to give us the payment levels and told us to “toddle along” to Irish Water? Remember when they refused to answer as well? Remember that then they refused an FOI request? Remember a question to Minister Alan Kelly about it was ruled out of order for no good reason by the Ceann Comhairle?

Now we know why…. Five months later, after an appeal, we have the figures from Irish Water for payment levels on 18 May. 30% payment – 70% non-payment. No wonder they wouldn’t tell us, they had to try to bully some more into paying.

Now, what journalists and others should be asking is, why haven’t they released the payment levels for the second bill? Instead of doing that, they have talked about “projected” levels of payment. They don’t need to do any projecting – just tell us how many have paid the second bill.”

If we were betting types, we’d say Irish water is fooked…

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