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The Trial.

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  Above: rabble reader Ciaran Boylan sent us these shots from a recent #JobstownNotGuilty demo. We had a few words with Paul Murphy before the trial started too for #rabble13. On April 24th, the court case of seven men accused of falsely imprisoning then Tanaiste Joan Burton during a protest at Jobstown began at the Criminal Courts of Justice. If our former Minister for Social Protection sought to criminalise one of … Read More

Protest On Trial.

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  With the Jobstown trials kicking off tomorrow, we caught up with Paul Murphy to check in with the campaign and hear what can be expected in the coming weeks. Okay, so not long now until the trial starts. What’s the sequence of events we can expect? Is everyone being tried at once or are there a few distinct cases on the go? First thing on Monday is a legal … Read More

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Shots From Saturday.

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rabble reader Ciaran Boylan sent us on these snapshots from Saturday’s demonstration against the water charges. That shot of RTE’s best over presenters does it for us.   Any other reports from the march?

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Not Guilty!

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The Jobstown Not Guilty gang are hosting a documentary screening that pokes behind what really happened when poor auld iJoan got trapped in her car. Deary deary me. The trials when they kick off will be gripping stuff and see an attempt by the state to criminalise a whole community. Previously on rabble: Paul O’Connell rails against the conviction of a 16 year old for peaceful protest. Full details are … Read More

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An Injury To One…

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Above: A selection of shots from the December 2014 Irish Water protest in Dublin by Bit Thornt. Today’s guilty verdict represents, if you excuse the pun, a watershed moment says Paul O’Connell, a Reader In Law at SOAS University of London. The regime has sent a clear message resistance will be met by a brutal police force and increased criminalisation. The right to protest has never enjoyed particularly strong protection in Ireland. The provisions of the … Read More

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#JobstownNotGuilty Rally For Justice.

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Here’s the The latest from #JobstownNotGuilty trial. A 17 year-old is due to hear today whether he will be found guilty of falsely imprisoning the then-Minister for Social Protection and Tanaiste, Joan Burton. You can read the teenager’s own words on it over on Bogman’s Cannon. Get down to the court this morning if you can. The verdict is due at noon today with a Rally for Justice called for tomorrow, Saturday 1pm … Read More

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How The Irish Went Protest Mad.

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It feels like a lifetime ago that Brian Cowen slurred his words on the radio, the IMF landed and Bertie got collared outside the Dail signalling the booting they were about to get. Well it’s not been a lifetime, but it has been an “electoral cycle” as they call it. In this review of the Fine Gael-led coalition, Shane Ragbags takes us through how the Irish eventually learnt to hate the regime.

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Responsible Types.

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The protracted pantomime over government formation has somewhat overshadowed the gravity of what occurred in February’s general election. With regime support at historic lows, Oireachtas Retort looks at how some middle ground commentators continue to dismiss the movement against Irish Water. As soon as ballot boxes opened in February it quickly became clear that voters had delivered a kick in the teeth that neither politicians nor their media priests had … Read More

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The Wicklow Way.

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  Shocking scenes going on out in Kilcoole during a water protest. Watch this driver reverse into a man and then reef a protestor out of the way before pouncing on others. Not surprisingly, he escaped arrest – despite there being many boyz-in-hi-viz lurking around.  Word online is that Niamh Brennan, the woman attacked was actually arrested for trespassing. What a topsy turvy regime this is. Political policing at its finest. Shure, … Read More