Bono and Friends.

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Apologies if we get sick all over your keyboard. Yes, Bono has got his own kiddies book.

The whole bag of vomit was put together by two Germans called Andre and Melanie Thyret who recently featured in the Northside People. Here’s how they describe this caustic vision of present hell for that child you always hated:

“As a perfect bedtime or daytime story, CEDARWOOD is a children´s book about friendship, patience, and great deeds. Its main character is the little boy Bono who wants more than anything to visit a concert of his musical heroes on the Southside of town.

On his journey across Dublin, he meets his best friends and feels they are all in trouble somehow and in a different way. Kind and generous Bono helps them out with selfless patience. Meanwhile time is ticking. Will he arrive on time and what does it really take to be a hero?

CEDARWOOD offers a true lesson in friendship and patience that holds its value regardless of the reader’s age.”

Yeah sure it does.  Profits go to Red – Bono’s attempt to wed consumerism to charitable efforts to defeat AIDS.

We’ve previously rabble written about Bono here and here. While Mice Hell captured the man’s ego perfectly for us with this illustration in print yonks ago.

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