Tonie Walsh’s Selection Box For Auntie Patty.

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Few introductions needed for Tonie Walsh, he held it down at legandary clubs like Flikkers, as well as the Horny Organ Tribe and Elevator nights in the Ormond Multimedia Centre back in the day. Here he dusts off a selection of tracks to enliven our  upcoming parish hop for Auntie Patty.

1. Mutabaruka: Dis Poem ’99, Guidance.

Boyd Jarvis and Joe Claussell create a nagging, flute-inflected little polemic.

2. Black Box: Fantasy, Deconstruction.

Earth Wind & Fire’s classic reimagined with The Weather Girls’ Martha Wash on vocals. A sublime slab of 97bpm downbeat.

3 Herbert: The Audience, !K7.

Finger-clicking, irrepressible tease of epic proportions with Dani Siciliano’s vocals and Herbert on some exquisite piano. Still sounds as vital now as it did 16yrs ago.

4. The Fine Vibe: I Gotta Dance This Song, Creative.

Mr. Marvin’s insistent, propulsive deep ditty with Italo house pretensions.

Come see Tonie Walsh laying down some tunage on Thursday March 17th at our Auntie Patty’s Parish Hop and Disco.

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