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Glimpses Of A Lost World


Dragana Jurisic’s journey as a photographer began when her family apartment was consumed with fire, taking with it her father’s output as a die hard amateur photographer. She was left with nothing but fleeting memories of her childhood in war torn Yugoslavia. She speaks of how “on that day I became one of those ‘refugees’ with no photographs, with no past. Indeed, my memories of the events and people I encountered before that Sunday in September 1991 are either non-existent or very vague.”

Jurisic’s reponse to this, a book called Yu: The Lost Country, has been raved about far and wide. It’s a journey through the former Yugoslavia retracing a route set by Anglo-Irish writer Rebecca West in the late 1930’s and it’s full of other-worldly glimpses . The photo above was taken outside Starigrad in Croatia and shows a man waiting for an ambulance to pick up a boy killed by a car. Describing the moment of capture she states “there’s a dandelion by the road. I take a picture. Don’t know what else to do. More screams. The old man standing in front of me bends over and picks up the flower. Gently, he blows.”

Head over to draganajurisic.com for more work.


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