The Sonic Roots.

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DJ Mek delivers this stomper of a mix delving into the primordial soup of modern dance music. It’s part of RTE2FM’s Masterclass series and is a seriously spine-tingling schooling.

Here’s what he had to say about it himself:

“I went diggin through New York & L.A. ElectroFunk classics. Old skoolers will remember some of these jams from when Streetsounds mix albums ruled the day in UK, Ireland & Europe. Younger heads – If you wanna hear the sonic roots of House, Jungle, Techno, Trance etc.. it’s right here. Lots of raw drum machines & analog synths with a little bit of scratchin’. Starts out frantic then settles into some longer running mixes. Nice one!”

It features joints from Soul Sonic Force, Man Parrish, Globe & Whiz Kid, Malcolm McLaren, Time Zone, Afrika Bambaataa and a shed load more.  There’ll be plenty of digging to do after this one.

Really need a download link so we can blast this out of the car come summer.

You can listen on Youtube.

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