Nice People Take Drugs.

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These t-shirts from Release gave us a chuckle this morning. Release is a UK based charity campaigning for reform of the drugs laws. They popped into our feed earlier and put a brief grin on our face in the middle of this otherwise bleak “suicide Tuesday” morning.

Those with some form of memory left might recall a brief scandal back in 2009 when the charity had ads along these lines pulled from London bus. The slogan originates in their work to end the stigma against drug users.

Release celebrated fifty years of campaigning this year. To mark it they created a Museum Of Drug Policy. It ran earlier this month from November 3rd to 5th in London. There’s a fascinating published timeline on their site that sails through the legalise cannabis marches of the 1960’s up to the collapse of cases and “fundamentally flawed” legislation around laughing gas earlier this year. Sure take a look.

Nice people may indeed take drugs – but please just leave us alone to cry for a few days now til we get over the hump of the week and recover. Or we may just go full postal on you in the office with the shards of a coffee mug.

You can order some of the tshirts for your mammy’s Xmash stocking over here.

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