Gombeen #14: The Regime’s Regina.

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Who is the regime’s Regina? A blueshirt politician, a landlord, and a failed en-tra-pra-nure – she couldn’t be more the elite’s own if she tweeted where she was when Princess Diana died in a week when three homeless people died on the streets.

Her failed consultancy firm Enhance Solutions didn’t keep its books in proper order – a criminal offence in itself. When it went into liquidation it owed over 100k to Revenue and state-owned AIB.

Doherty had also previously broken company rules by taking a disproportionate personal loan out from the company, though that has since been repaid.

Naturally, people questioned whether something untoward was going on. A year later, someone who publicly questioned Doherty about it on social media faced questioning by the Gardai upon arriving back at Dublin Airport. That Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said the Gardai do not intervene in personal or civil affairs didn’t really inspire much confidence, because that appears to be exactly what happened.

During the summer she managed to let the cat out of the bag about the government’s creep towards National ID cards. “Mandatory, not compulsory” were the regime-replicant’s now-infamously chosen words – even though there is no legal basis that could make them mandatory.

Rules, in Regina’s book, are evidently just for the little people.

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