Slumlord Slammed!

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Above: Paul Howard taking down a banner outside the Mountjoy Square apartment and campaigners celebrating. Photo courtesy of Aishling B.


Dublin Central Housing Action give the low down to the anti-eviction attempt at 52 Mountjoy Square and Paul Howard, whose been topping the polls for the past week as the nation’s most despised landlord.

They’ve been central to this whole thing and it just shows what organised tenant groups can do.

They had this to say:

In October 2017, we had a tenant into our Friday afternoon support group in Hill St Family Resource Center. He explained he had been having serious problems with his landlord, threats and intimidation, illegal rent increases, illegal eviction notices and failure to repair and maintain decent conditions. We asked to meet the Tenant and his housemates, at his apartment 27, 52 Mountjoy Sq, to talk more about their rights and what options they had to fight the landlord. Little did we know a major slum landlord battle was about to begin.

You can read the full story and find out about their next steps here. Isn’t it nice for once to see a landlord scalped?

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