We want our America back!

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Dick Morris predicts landslide for Romney on Fox ‘News’.

The post-electoral blues have hit America’s right-wing movers and shakers and hit them hard. We’re taking a little peek at some of the main media protagonists and their reactions to the ‘Kenyan’ getting another 4 years.

First we’ll turn to the eve of the election and get everyone’s favourite lunatic, Glenn Beck’s warning about the danger of voting for the commie – “if Americans are so dead inside they re-elect Obama then we must be destroyed” – yikes!

Follow the leap for some vids.



Now let’s look at Dick Morris, former advisor to Bill Clinton and long-time propagandist for Fox News. Dick predicted a landslide victory for Romney, or Romney as he’s known, by 330 votes in the electoral college and over 8 points in the popular vote. How’d that work out Dick, and why?



Ah, so it’s those damned brown people voting, sneaky feckers we always said it. And it’s not just Dick that recognises this ethnic problem. Bill O’Reilly, the Noam Chomsky of Fox News, was on the verge of tears as he explained “The White Establishment Is Now The Minority”; heartbreaking stuff you’ll agree.



So what can the Republican Party do to save America from it’s “socialist, communist, aetheist” future under Obama? The Republican Party’s intellectual engine has the answer. Rush Limbaugh, does he recognise that the electorate didn’t go for the far-right paradigm espoused and disseminated by every conservative and every conservative medium? Hmmm



While we in the regular west saw the States heading towards an Armageddon of religious fundamentalism and extreme-right wing politics, as available live and direct without fairness or balance 24/7, the voters admirably turned out in huge numbers and many millions queued for hours to vote against it. Not that any of us believe Obama or his party are left-wing or very different from their more lunatic cousins across the aisle. Rachel Maddow breaks down the immediate differences for the American domestic future.




So we can make up our own minds. Did the Tea Party revolution within conservative American politics drag the GOP a little too far to the right, even for a fundamentalist country? Is it simply all these damned immigrants and terrorists that have the vote have changed the demographics? If we ignore Obama’s election night drone attacks on Yemen and support for Israel’s bombing of children in Gaza, can we say that his election was a moment for slight celebration or are we shedding tears along with Dick, Bill & Glenn?

They say they want our America back. What the fuck do they mean?



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