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Are Garda leaks political?

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P.J. Sheehan (right) photo WestCorkTimes.com

P.J. Sheehan (right) photo WestCorkTimes.com

In light of the recent arrest of Clare Daly under suspicion of driving while intoxicated it prompted some commentators to note that this story was leaked immediately to the press because Daly is a vociferous anti-corruption campaigner. But surely if a representative from the conservative hegemony was suspected of a similar act it would hit the headlines immediately?

We cast our net back a couple of years and pulled in this little drunken squid, PJ Sheehan. On the 8th July 2010 the 77yr old TD, after a long day at the Dáil asking a couple of questions and retiring to the bar, shuffled across the car park of Leinster House. As he was about to join his wife in the car a female Garda, noticing his obvious intoxication, prevented the Corkonian with the fine head from taking control of his vehicle. He required assistance standing up.

Rather than thanking the Garda for her diligence and preventing an embarrassing situation where he would have been arrested had he managed to steer the car onto the public road, the 50 year veteran of politics (with nothing to show for that time) threatened the Garda’s career –

“When we get into power you will get nothing. You’ll be in big trouble for this.”

Shocking eh? Enda Kenny, the hero of the moral brigade was leaving Leinster House at the same time (1am) and when approached by the senior Garda in charge Kenny told him

 “ignore what Mr Sheehan had said”

Funnily enough it took more than two months for this story to get to the press. Think about that. An ‘extremely intoxicated’ TD threatens a junior Garda’s career when she prevents him driving, the leader of the opposition intercedes to recommend ignoring the matter; the Garda investigation into the incident comes to nothing and the press doesn’t hear about it for over two months.

Meanwhile Daly gets handcuffed while under the limit, humiliated and her story leaked before her test results are returned.


  1. Jim McDaid’s arrest was also known immediately – was that political? I’d suggest if you are a well know politician and you get arrested for something like this the media will find out. Some lesser known politician (PJ who? 50 years in politics, really?) ranting in a car park is not as newsworthy (or as easy to verify/stand over)

    None of that is to excuse the Daly handcuffs, PJ’s “When we get into power” knobery, etc.

  2. McDaid’s arrest wasn’t leaked by the Guards, but by one of the many civilians who witnessed it.

    I remember the Sheehan thing. Perfunctory reporting on a slow news day, with no one batting an eyelid that a senior politician told a Guard to ignore it. Father of the Dáil and all that.

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