A Warning To NUIG Students.

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Enoch Burke, anti-gay and running for 'Equality Officer'

Enoch Burke, anti-gay and running for ‘Equality Officer’

NUIG students are going to the polls again this week. Enoch Burke a prominent anti-gay campaigner is conflating paedophilia with homosexuality AND standing for Equality Officer.

Last week rabble covered the attempts by Ireland’s Phelps family and assorted bigots to shut down NUIG Students Union support for Womens’ Rights and Palestinian Human Rights. Now the same family are back, running for office and campaigning against Gay Rights.

Enoch Burke (pictured top) the auditor of the Christian Union Society in NUIG is campaigning for the Union’s position as Equality Officer in the March 13th elections. Enoch is well known for his virulently anti-gay views, quoting Leviticus, running the anti-gay ‘Campaignforconscience.org’ website and the anti-David Norris website.

In the literature for the upcoming referendum in which the Union asks students if they wish to support calls for equal rights for heterosexual and homosexual couples, Enoch’s Christian Union Soc conflates homosexuality with paedophilia.


See the society posters below:

Edited to reflect that Enoch Burke is auditor not just ‘a committee member’ of Christian Union Society.


  1. Would be Equality Officer campaigning against equality? Must be too much fluoride in his water…

  2. Too bad having a bite on some shellfish or wearing two different types of clothing fabric you’ll bw on the wrong side of a stoning too. Oh and if you manage to have a daughter – well jaysus as you please really, rape, slavery, you want it you got it, ’cause you’re a MAN!


  3. In other news Irony is alive and well

  4. Don’t worry Helen , I know full we’ll. he doesn’t have a chance if winning BTW. Also he’s not just a committee member of the CU, he’s the auditor.

  5. I did and I’m glad to see people are noticing!

  6. A great opportunity for the NUIG students to voice their opinions on what is going to be a very nasty national debate real soon. But I have faith in their generation. They wont be enslaved by narrow minded doctrine. Their future is their own to choose.

  7. i guess it takes all sorts and each one is entitled to thier oppinion.

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