#rabble8 Has Just Hit The Streets.

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Bring da ruckus. It’s been a heavy few months since our last issue. Taboos are tumbling in this sceptered isle.

Austerity is on the rise and we’re finding our voice, losing our fear and fighting back. Every day another scandal, every day another revelation. The old world, their status quo isn’t safe anymore.

The cross-wielding, women-hating pro-life goons, the blue bottles laying their bugs in GSOC, the Ministers leaking confidential reports and their lickspittles in those organs of dissemination that pass for media – youse are all in our sights and we’re not backing down.

Those canvassing bastards playing knick knock on our doors every night, ‘Sorry I missed you’ flyers shoved through doors. Vote early, vote often. We’re sorry WE missed YOU. You got away with it too long. No more. It says something about our so-called representatives when ‘None of the Above’ is the number one choice in all the polls. No more. Political policing. Political reporting. Political oppression. No more.

Communities everywhere are at breaking point, from Erris to Ballyhea and Dolphins Barn to Moyross. The old order keeps pushing and pushing, the old order thinks it can keep us all separate and contained.

While Enda is fundraising for the Tea Party and RTÉ is fucking our money at those gobshites in the Iona Institute, we’re hear breaking our balls to give you a platform to roar. All the good people, all the freaks and outsiders, the ones that have had enough, living broke as fuck, following the rules or squatting the empty houses.

They want to keep dividing us. They want us to ignore asylum seekers trapped in a hell of €19 per week or to spit upon the Travellers. They constantly rip on the single mothers or the kids outta college; they make war on benefits not the causes of poverty. There’s is a game of victim blaming that appeals to the lowest common denominator.

A century from now, if this place isn’t all under water, will there be statues to JobBridge and Starbucks, Bono and Denis O’Brien? Will the kids in history class learn about job creators resident in Malta because Tax was stifling their entrepreneurial spirit? Back here we’re all in this together.

Take a walk from the brass plates and empty offices of the IFSC to the dozens of homeless camped in the Customs House, you can’t hide that with Dragon’s Den and positive Ireland hashtags. Solidarity is the key. If you’re new to rabble, know this – this is independent media, pure and simple. We’re not interested in kowtowing to corporate sponsors or litigious owners.

For a project like this to survive, we need your active backing. Join our supporters club and let’s keep fighting back.


  1. We want some for An Realta Civic and Social Space

  2. Where is the best place in Belfast to pick up a copy

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