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Newly minted TD Ruth Coppinger got under the skin of Labour’s Jan O’Sullivan big time today.

Coppinger had the audacity to pull O’Sullivan up on how changes to rent allowance provision leave people vulnerable to their community welfare officer while topping up private landlords.

Here’s a quick transcript:

Coppinger: Your colleague Joan Burton announced today that they’d increase rent payments on a case by case basis so people would still have to go begging to their local CWO without introducing rent controls at the same time. So you seem to be happy to keep shoveling money in the direction of these private landlords that could be used to actually build homes. I have to say, I’ve seen it all – the Labour Party, ye’ll have absolutely nobody sitting over there after the next election because the difference between previous times where you could lick your wounds and go out of coalition for a while and slither back in again is that there is now competition on the left from others. You really seem to have learned nothing from the message delivered by the electorate.

O’Sullivan: I find the language used by Deputy Coppinger particularly objectionable but anyway, I’ll deal with the issue. I’ve no intention of licking any wounds or slithering anywhere Deputy Coppinger so I hope you might use a bit more understanding language in relation to what we do in here, this is a serious forum where we make law…”

Coppinger: [Inaudible to me…]

O’Sullivan: Maybe the word arrogant is often used but I’d suggest you be careful, you’re a new deputy and I wouldn’t use that language if I was you…

How’s that for a harsh lesson in CSPE?


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