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The August cover of Stuff (back: some of it's 18 years of 'bikini' covers).

The August cover of Stuff (back: some of it’s 18 years of ‘bikini’ covers).

Britain’s leading gadget mag, Stuff, is dropping the ‘bikini cover’ for tech oriented material.


It admits readers are uncomfortable with the image of tech as a lads’ preserve and it’s time to move on.

The magazine first decided to drop the women from its covers back in 2013, and since then has been carrying out focus groups and research.

Stuff’s focus groups and trial covers found that sales went up to six to 10 per cent when ‘non-girl’ covers were used on the magazine.

Editor Will Findlater said the magazine has received complaints over the years; about 40% of readers are female.

“Really we have done this because we have seen there’s a demand for change. We’re in a post-lads’ mags era.”

More on this via the Telegraph here.


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