Palestinian Blood On The Hands Of Obama.

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Irish parliamentarian Clare Daly was among the speakers at a large demonstration outside the Israeli Embassy in Dublin today.

She didn’t hold back:

“This assault would not happen…without the deafening silence coming from the United States of America. A silence that has enabled the slaughter, ensured it’s continuation and has resulted in the fact that we can honestly say that there is as much Palestinian blood on the  hands of Barack Obama as on the hands of Benjamin Netanyahu… This is an onslaught, this is genocide.”

Have a browse of the gallery from today’s march at the top.

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  1. Mark,

    When Israel and the Egyptian military dictatorship concoct a “ceasefire”, without even consulting with the democratically elected Palestinian government, it’s important to remember that:

    1. The Israeli understanding of a “ceasefire” seems to be a return to the status quo, Israel’s eight-year blockade of Gaza, which is a collective punishment by Israel upon the people of Gaza for their democratic choice in electing Hamas.

    2. Israel has responded to previous ceasefires by returning to their modus operandi of murder-with-impunity, as documented here:

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