Terrifying Turnips.

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You wouldn’t want to answer the door to one of these lads. They’ll also have the ancient alien theorists in a right old hoo ha.

It’s an image of  Jack O’Lanterns carved from turnips at the National Museum of Ireland, Museum of Country Life, Castlebar, Co Mayo. It comes to us via Irish Medieval History who recount the origins of the tradition on their Facebook page:

“These spookie dudes are the original Jack-o’-lantern carved from turnips, not pumpkins. I’m sure you will agree no carved pumpkin has ever look as scary as these bad boy turnips. In the department of Scary the turnips win! The carving of pumpkins is one of our most common Halloween crafts and it has its roots in ancient Irish tradition. At Samhain/Halloween evil spirits would roam the earth looking to take souls to take back to the Otherworld and people dressed up as evil spirits to evade capture”

Head over to their page to read the rest of it.


  1. their possessed by Demons – its why they haven’t rotted in 1200 years!

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