Frank’s Rehab From Fine Gael Ebola.

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“Is this Apres Match?” asked a stunned internet audience as previews of an upcoming political podcast hit our small screens. Fine Gael’s Machiavelli of the Noughties, Frank Flannery, and Bill O’Keydoke produce a double act of amnesia and whitewash that would knock a dog.


Frank is somewhat famous as the mastermind who turned Fine Gael’s fortunes around in 2002 from being the 2nd most popular party to becoming the 2nd most popular party by 2007. High five. Then in 2011 Fine Gael swept to a disappointing coalition government with Labour despite Fianna Fail having the popularity of dissident republicans at Fionnan Sheehan’s Christmas party.

Frank is probably better known for his work with Rehab, the notorious charity, and for refusing to be hauled before the Public Accounts Committee for questioning on Rehab’s machinations. Frank’s company Laragh Consulting billed Rehab for somewhere north of €400,000 between 2007-2013; Frank was CEO of Rehab from 1981-2006.

As with all Irish stories, no one would believe you if you made it up.

Frank will be pumping out his heavy hitting political podcast (try saying that fast without donating to the charity swearbox) with tough questions from former soccer analysis chairman, PR guru and long time blueshirt – Bill O’Herlihy. Okey doke.

From the twenty seconds Frank has been on screen so far he’s provide this gem:

“Cronyism looks like the Ebola of Irish politics, incurable.”

If we were to be pedantic we’d point out that Ebola victims have been cured. If only there were some kind of medical protection to save us from Irish politicians (patents Vaccubollix™).

Frank was demoted by the Kenny Krew in 2009 when he suggested a coalition with Sinn Féin (spits). In 2011 he was hung out to dry by Inda. The way he was thrown under the wheels of the PAC bus obviously spiked his ire and now he’s going to use the dreaded internet to get his own back. The Fine Gael Internet Usage Tariff and throttling of bandwidth in north Dublin can’t come soon enough.*

Frank, we believe, was behind Fine Gael’s first attempt at a 5 point plan, the ‘Contract for a Better Ireland’. Not worth the paper it’s written here it is via the excellent Irish Election Literature website for your amusement:


*we shouldn’t be giving them ideas.


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