Is Hanging Too Good For ‘Em?

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As news spread on Facebook and Twitter last night of a woman and a 15 year old girl injured outside a Fine Gael TD’s office it was interesting to see the media response.

Despite no journalists on the scene of either the protests in Trim town or at TD Ray Butler’s home, RTÉ’s political staffer Mícheál Lehane was able to provide the following:

This morning some of the media picked up on the story about the alleged hit-and-run and the alleged assault of the teenage girl. Some of the media didn’t.

RTÉ online has chosen to ignore the whole thing bar a couple of paragraphs hidden away in ‘News in Brief’. No mention is made of the alleged thump from Butler’s car. No source is named and it doesn’t seem the alleged injured were contacted.

Today Fm? Nothing. At all.

The Irish Times says “efforts to contact the woman involved in the incident were unsuccessful” so they finish with a few pars of Leo Vardakar’s reaction to newspaper reports of a disruption of Cork County Council’s meeting. No, we don’t get it either.

The Denis O’Brien award for journalism goes to the Indo (see cover pic above). It doesn’t provide vouchers for pitchforks but akin to a Claire Byrne Live poll it practically begs the question “is hanging too good for ’em?”

You get the meeja you deserve. None of them appears to have pressed the Gardaí as to why the TD wasn’t breathalyzed although section 9 of the Road Traffic Act appears to oblige the Garda to this.

The Land League of Ireland have issued a press release about the events at Ray Butler’s home. 


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  1. That’s it not as hard as you though, hard as nails…. Ye wouldn’t knock the breeze outa the wind ye fool on here mouthin off about kickin fat useless td’s to death. Stone mad ye are

  2. To be fair to Butler, I’ve been viciously assualted by lampposts, walls, chained-up bicycles and urinals in the vicinity of pubs. So I think it’s perfectly possible his car was assaulted by a pedestrian. It’s happened before.

  3. I was listening to them FG) on the radio and the story keeps growing. How long before the “sinister elements” is wheeled out?

  4. lone parents cut to parents of kids over 7…he and the entire government should be publicly hung..contributary pension payments no longer valid from 2020 if you havent paid in for 20 consecutive years, thieves and child abusers the lot of them

  5. I love a corrupt politician bitching about their family being “traumatized” by protesters. You know what would be more traumatizing? The truth! The fact that your dad is a corrupt prick who makes a living fucking people over. Of course, that would only be traumatizing if you actually have principles…

  6. Thousands of families being terrorised by banks all over Ireland every day!

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