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Forrests, comprised of Dublin based Paul O’Reilly and Owen O’Mahony have, excuse the pun, played a blinder with their latest collaboration Organs. Released in 2014 to much interest, the album is a really beautiful ambient electronic gem.

It’s striking how much I enjoyed this record, as young Seán was a big fan of metal and didn’t have much time for anything that wasn’t guitar driven, never mind something as abstract as this.

Short and very sweet, I have to say, every track album is very slick. Though there are only the four, each track is varied enough to hold attention right the way through with a chill, spacy feel commanding the A side and a little more force noticeable on the B side.

Lead track Teeth builds and builds, stopping just short of the crescendo and withholding any easy satisfaction from the listener. Engines is a slow, almost drawling track which slows back down from the lofty peaks of its predecessor and sets up the big jump to the B side. Each are perfect tunes to stick on if you’re looking for some solid music to work away to, though I can imagine them being excellent room fillers when it comes to live performances.

Sleeper open the B side with a much bigger sound than what came before. A rhythmic mechanical beat conjures up an impression of stripped back Indian drumming and makes a great bed in which jittering synths can get comfortable with the listener. Mid way through, a big wall of sound makes itself known, coming in off the crest of ever building waves. Again, an ambient spaciness is audible; something which really defines the album.

Organs, is a serene outro which brings us back to reality. Like the smooth sound of a familiar voice, the album’s final track ushers in a sense of calm, in stark contrast to what came before. The titular track is quiet enough that that the sound of the needle crackling and popping its way through the vinyl’s grooves is audible, something which really adds to the ambient vibes of the track’s feel.

A special edition was released in which the record was blanketed in a precast concrete ‘sleeve’ on a pay what you want basis. While these have unfortunately sold out, the idea is very slick and is something I’d hope to see elaborated on in the future. You can catch Forrests this summer at the Body & Soul festival, which takes place on the Summer Solstice weekend, June 17-19 at Ballinlough Castle, Co Meath.

Forrests’ Organs was released in 2015 on on Blast First (petite). It’s for sale for €10 in The Record Spot

You can catch Forrests live at the Dublin Fringe this coming September.

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