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This Guy Made A Dog’s Dinner Of Irish Water.

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Oscar Barry’s dog helps him to deal with the second Irish Water bill. Good dog. Check out this agitprop from 2012. Arthur Cox quotes PWC on the Irish Water private model. “Conclusion” Any proposed water infrastructure (even those earmarked for traditional exchequer funding) should be structured in a flexible way to facilitate alternative sources of funding. This will promote a central aim in relation to any infrastructure investment – ensuring … Read More

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Will Irish Water Be Privatised?

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Brendan Ogle of the Right2Water movement believes the CSO requested a paragraph on privatising Irish Water be removed from a Eurostat letter.   The claim in full:   “Right2Water/Right2Change have been contacted today about a story that is breaking tomorrow. In June 2015 Eurostat sent a letter to the Central Statistics Office (CSO) which had a paragraph confirming that the overall plan was to privatise Irish Water. The CSO however … Read More

Irish Smiling Lies: Irish Water and Regime Teilifis Éireann.

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While facing scrutiny over unrecorded meetings he, Phil Hogan, gardaí and others had with Irish Water management, Pat Rabbitte came out swinging in the Dail and accused RTÉ of acting “as a recruiting sergeant” for protests against Irish Water. Oireachtas Retort drags us down memory lane to look at RTE’s coverage of all that Irish Water malarkey.   Joe Higgins pointed out that Rabbitte had alerted the #media to be present for … Read More

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How The Irish Went Protest Mad.

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It feels like a lifetime ago that Brian Cowen slurred his words on the radio, the IMF landed and Bertie got collared outside the Dail signalling the booting they were about to get. Well it’s not been a lifetime, but it has been an “electoral cycle” as they call it. In this review of the Fine Gael-led coalition, Shane Ragbags takes us through how the Irish eventually learnt to hate the regime.

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Irish In Dunkirk.

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    Pictured: Some of the Irish lot who are volunteering in the refugee camp in Dunkirk with the wood burning rocket stoves they brought to the camp.       A group of Irish volunteers are over in the Dunkirk camp at the moment. It’s the “forgotten” refugee camp in Northern France with a largely Kurdish population. The volunteers made their way over late last week bringing with them … Read More

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They’re After Our Right2Water.

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  Should you have a right to water or is the Sunday Times’ economist spilling the beans on the government’s plan following the next election? Cormac Lucey of The Sunday Times seems to think people who don’t pay their water charges should get their water cut off. Take a look at this video posted by Facebook user Brian Ó Huiginn. Give it a click to view it. Remember the, ahem, leaks to … Read More

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Winning The Water War.

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From the rivers to the sea communities all over Ireland are mobilising, organising and getting off their barstools and onto the streets thanks to the quango that is Irish Water. Seamus L. Moore chatted to those at the heart of the uprising. 5.45AM Stoneybatter, it’s pitch black out and below freezing, 30 local activists haul their asses out of bed and make their way up to their meeting point on … Read More

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There’s Something About Water.

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Photo: A Woman takes on military with a slingshot Credit: Thomas Kruse. Thomas McDonagh, a researcher and project coordinator at the Democracy Center based in Cochabamba, Bolivia looks back on the water war that took place there fifteen years ago this month. With one eye cocked to Ireland, he talks about how water struggles lead to huge political changes. Ireland and Bolivia have a lot in common. Both are relatively … Read More

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Water World.

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Post by Thurles Right2Water Committee.   Veolia, the world’s largest player in the privatised water industry is spotted in Thurles sharing a van with an Irish Water logo. Many might find it curious, that a company which controversially supported everything from Apartheid in Israel to union busting in America, is operating in Ireland. In fact Veolia (forgetting about the LUAS) has the contract on 6 Public Private Partnership water projects for … Read More

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Ireland Facing “ISIS Situation” Over Water Charge Protests.

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Fine Gael TD Noel Coonan has spoken bravely about nipping a potential “ISIS Situation” in the bud before Sinn Féin extremists and wealthy socialist Paul Murphy create one over water charge protests. Coonan, who almost none of you will know, is a rare treat in the Dáil with his one-liners but has excelled himself today when talking about the popular protests against water taxes. “..the so-called Wealthy Socialist Party led by the Murph … Read More