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[Interview] Meet Illustrator Mice Hell

In Blog, Illustration, Interviews, Uncategorizedby Aura McMenamin1 Comment

  Aura McMenamin talks style, skips and silly rhymes with artist Mice Hell I first met Mice at a Dublin zine fair called Independents’ Day. The fair was to showcase and sell the zines, art, magazines, jewelry and whatever else you could expect from low-key urban artists. There was also a handful of earthy dread-locked folk performers on the makeshift stage and vegan food stalls. Held in the unapologetically minimalist … Read More

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Leprechaun Economics In The Hood.

In #rabble13, Blog, Interviews, Politics, Print Editionby Sean FinnanLeave a Comment

Above: Illustration by Mice Hell.  Noonan’s permanently constipated looking head might have shuffled off the political coil but what kinda nonsense economic policy has he left us with? Ireland’s corporate free for all, otherwise known as a foreign direct investment strategy model has been undermined by the EU commission’s damning report into Apple. Reports of a 26% growth in GDP have little basis in the actual productive economy of the … Read More

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Bono and Friends.

In Blogby Rashers TierneyLeave a Comment

Apologies if we get sick all over your keyboard. Yes, Bono has got his own kiddies book. The whole bag of vomit was put together by two Germans called Andre and Melanie Thyret who recently featured in the Northside People. Here’s how they describe this caustic vision of present hell for that child you always hated: “As a perfect bedtime or daytime story, CEDARWOOD is a children´s book about friendship, … Read More

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Strivers and Skivers.

In #rabble9, Blog, Politics, Print Editionby Ian Maleney4 Comments

The idea that everyone ought to be entitled to a minimum basic income as a fundamental right certainly sounds way left field, yet it has piqued the interests of everyone from politicians and CEOs to economists and anti-capitalists, and it’s appeared in all corners of the media, from the Financial Times to Jacobin. Ian Maleny gives us the lowdown.   We’re living in a world where damn near everything has a … Read More

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Dressed to kill – The Cost of Fast Fashion

In #rabble7, Culture, Politics, Print Editionby Katie Garrett2 Comments

  As we approach that time of year when our craving for cheap, throwaway fashion reaches fever pitch, Katie Garrett explores the implications for the poor fuckers who have to make the shit.   On 24 April of this year, an eight-storey garment factory in Rana Plaza, Bangladesh collapsed. The searches through the rubble for survivors went on for three weeks. The death toll totalled at 1,127 and a further … Read More

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It’s All In The Game

In #rabble6, Blog, Culture, Interviews, Print Editionby Maeve Spanning1 Comment

When Maeve Spanning’s housemate shared the details of a date that left her confused and depressed, they smelled a rat. This particular rat is a professional Pick Up Artist with a legion of paying followers… If you have read Neil Strauss’s The Game, then you will already know quite a bit about the Pick Up Artist (PUA) lifestyle. If you haven’t, then you’ll just have to Google it because I … Read More

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Bono: What’s Behind Those Over Priced Shades?

In Blog, Culture, Politicsby Ronan Lynch6 Comments

  The financial apocalypse has delivered us some small mercies after all: Bono won’t peer down on the ferries arriving into Dublin port from U2’s recording studio atop a 100-metre tall tower on the south quays. Having just returned from exile, Ronan Lynch had forgotten such megalomania. Harry Browne’s recent bashing of the shaded one quickly reminded him. Here’s his review. We get used to Bono in Ireland – we … Read More

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The Sun Always Shines On #Vinb

In #rabble5, Culture, Humour, Illustration, Politicsby Cultural Fatwa7 Comments

A Festival of Cruelty curated by as pure a curmudgeon as ever sprang from Eire’s grassy hills. Culturalfatwa looks beyond the haranguing to the true message of Tonight with Vincent Browne. By any measure Tonight with Vincent Browne at the unearthly hour of 11pm on TV3 is a weird yet wonderful phenomenon. In fact, in a political landscape almost completely devoid of genuine debate, it might just be said to … Read More