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Fight For Your Write: An Interview With Fighting Words.

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  Fighting Words is a creative writing centre based in the north inner city. The centre offers free creative writing workshops and courses to students of all ages. Mice Hell explores the project’s core ethos that “creative writing is an essential part of every child’s education.   Why did you choose the name ‘Fighting words’ for the project and what does it mean? The name was chosen by Roddy Doyle. … Read More

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A Gombeen-Nation once again

In #rabble5, Culture, History, Politicsby Conor McCabe11 Comments

  Above: Gombeen (gƊm ‘bi:n). Anglo-Irish. Usury. Chiefly attrib., as Gombeen-Man, a money-lender, usurer; so also gombeen-woman. Hence gom’beenism, the practice of borrowing or lending at usury. Mice provided the deadly ilo.       The 19th-century term Gom’beenism, the practice of borrowing or lending at usury, is increasingly referenced in relation to Ireland’s domestic economic practices. Conor McCabe takes a look at the history of the Irish middleman and … Read More

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Snap Happy Saps

In #rabble4, Culture, Humour, Print Edition, Uncategorizedby Theo Weatherall4 Comments

Club photography is integral to Dublin’s nightlife. However the day of an Ian Dickson capturing an event in one classic photograph has given way to the amateur-pap with a Nikon strap draped around their neck machine-gun shooting through the night. Theo Weatherall rues the ascent of the Facebook photoset and demise of the iconic club shots.

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{Interview} The Radiators From Space return to earth

In #rabble3, Culture, History, Illustration, Interviews, Print Editionby Sam McGrath2 Comments

Thirty-five years ago Dublin punk band The Radiators From Space song Television Screen, became the first punk single to make the charts anywhere in the world. With their fourth studio album due on April 30th, Sam McGrath recently caught up with the bands ever stylish, Dublin born Philip Chevron to talk about life, music and his days in The Pogues.

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rabble’s 2017 Year In Review.

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Above: Kerz produced this piece to go alongside a recent feature on scandals in the Nardai. You know that opening scene of Terminator? When Reese comes to – naked in a flash of light, with very little idea where he is? Well, today was a bit like that for us rabblers – we’ve time traveled through the merry season and are now stuck back at our wage slave stations, suffering … Read More

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A Year Of Rabble In 2016.

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Above: Mice nails Regime Teilifis Eireann as a ship of fools in #rabble12. As you lot root around the compost bin for leftover Turkey sandwiches to wipe away the pain of last nights foolery, us rabblers have another listicle to push you over the edge. With the torrent of online content, the pressure on outsider projects like ours to keep up can be relentless – so we decided to take stock of … Read More