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No Dough Low Blow, Owners Call The Po Po

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  The unpaid workers from Paris Bakery have occupied the premises on Moore Street. Gardaí were called and the owner Yannick Forel and staff were spoken to. It seems that undercover Gardaí on site were not going to prevent the occupation of the premises earlier today. Follows the statement issued by workers, see links at bottom for continued updates.  UPDATE: Billy Wall from OPATSI Union (representing the workers) is denied access by … Read More

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Yeast-er Rising

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The French are Revolting.  As many as 20 staff of the Paris Bakery restaurant on 18 Moore St. are picketing the premises this morning over unpaid wages. Reports from staff who arrived to work this morning at the historic address are that they found themselves locked out without notice. Some haven’t been paid since March, one worker claims to be owed €3,o00. The Bakery’s premises is due to be bulldozed … Read More

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#rabbleReels: Remembering Orgreave

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On the 12th March 1984 the NUM declared a National Strike in Britain. The pits may be shut but the strike is still an open wound for many. Memories of the Battle for Orgreave linger on. The Truth and Justice Campaign still hammers away to expose what happened that day. With plenty of evidence emerging of a mass cover up of police actions. Those identical officer statements used to lock miners away being … Read More

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#outBeyond: Chomsky on TPP – The Biggest ‘Trade’ Agreement In History

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is an agreement between the US and other Pacific executives and the most powerful organisations. It is being described as NAFTA on steroids and possibly the most important and impactful agreement in history – yet without these two Wikileaks leaks we would know almost nothing about it. Noam Chomsky briefly explains what it is on the Laura Flanders show. Watch another 5 minute clip from … Read More

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Dressed to kill – The Cost of Fast Fashion

In #rabble7, Culture, Politics, Print Editionby Katie Garrett2 Comments

  As we approach that time of year when our craving for cheap, throwaway fashion reaches fever pitch, Katie Garrett explores the implications for the poor fuckers who have to make the shit.   On 24 April of this year, an eight-storey garment factory in Rana Plaza, Bangladesh collapsed. The searches through the rubble for survivors went on for three weeks. The death toll totalled at 1,127 and a further … Read More

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Striving For The Forbidden: The Turkish Uprising and The Unions.

In Blogby Reuben and Gielty8 Comments

Tuesday June 4th saw the first organised union participation in the Taksim Uprising. What had been scheduled as a strike against neoliberal reforms by teachers’ union Egitim Sen before the mass protests became a two ­day general strike against state violence by two major confederations.  Our journos on the ground, Reuben and Gielty, filed this earlier today. The largest union mobilisations came in Taksim Square, Istanbul and the capital Ankara. They were … Read More

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Lessons Drawn From Our History

In Blog, Culture, History, Illustration, Interviews, Politicsby Rashers Tierney2 Comments

We got mad excited when word got to us that Paddy Lynch and Rory McConville were scribbling away on a graphic novel about the Lock Out. The wait is over and it’s been launched in The Workman’s Club this Thursday. We caught up with the lads for some background on the comic. Oh and to get our Fund:it moving, they’ve thrown in two signed copies of Big Jim with two … Read More

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A Bridge for Rosie

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There are currently 16 bridges over the river Liffey in Dublin’s city centre. 13 of these bridges are named after men and not one of the bridges is named after a women. The following is a release via SIPTU: We are calling on Dublin City council to name the new Marlborough Street bridge the Rosie Hackett Bridge. We believe, that in this, the 100 year anniversary of the 1913 lock … Read More

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Lidl Get All Legal

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Looks like German discount superstore Lild are feeling slightly peeved off about a recent video highlighting worker issues at the store. Today  carried a story about how a law firm working for Lidl contacted Twitter over how, several users had circulated a link to a video challenging the discount stores treatment of workers. Twitter then issued an email to these users but so far has taken no action from their … Read More

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Croke Park II – They’re back!

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SIPTU President Jack O’Connor spoke with Matt Cooper on The Last Word (Today FM) this evening. Following last night’s dramatic, although not totally unexpected, walkout by four unions the outcome of the talks with the remaining 2/3rds of unions’ representatives was eagerly awaited. Listen Here to Matt Cooper’s interviews with Jack O’Connor and then a debate between Sinn Féin’s Mary Lou MacDonald and Junior Minister Brian Hayes. The programme concludes … Read More