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Equality Officer Quoting's 2014

Equality Officer Quoting Genesis…it’s 2014

Most rabble readers will be aware of the Burke family of Westport by now. Quoting Leviticus and mansplaining to NUIG’s female undergraduates while demanding removal of rights for LGBT, minorities and women worldwide.

Well it turns out that even the Christian Union doesn’t want them, never mind the Students’ Union.

While the Westport Batshit Church, as they’ve been nicknamed, have released a statement demanding the cancellation of the referendum on Equality on the grounds that nobody likes them or listens to them another statement has come to light: IFES Ireland The Christian Unions, whose mission is to bring Jesus to campus life, have published the following statement disassociating themselves from the Burke family’s Christian Union:

IFES Ireland: the Christian Unions disaffiliated the NUIG CU in 2013 for a failure to engage with us on a number of issues that were causing us concern. We informed the University Clubs and Societies and the Galway CU of this of this disaffiliation and of our request that they refrain from using the name Christian Union. Dr David Montgomery Director IFES Ireland: The Christian Unions

Time to get the feck out of Dodge lads.

For previous on the Burkes see here.


  1. aw great not only have they let down their species but now their givin westport a bad name

  2. Anyone else think Enoch is a latent homosexual ? I cant honestly imagine what it must be like to care and think so much about two strangers having sex that’d id go home and make a poster about it. That boy has too much time on his hands.

  3. ‘Westport Batshit Burkes’

    Lol, you couldn’t make it up. But somebody did!

  4. As Bubbles would say “what in the fuck??”

  5. I must say they’re being given a hell of a lot of free publicity.

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