Joan’s Youth Guarantee

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9 months ‘internship’ in a Kilkenny car wash.


Joan Burton, Minister for Social Destruction, launched her bid for leadership of the Labour Party today. She addressed the Seanad on the Youth Guarantee.

We looked up today’s hot new internships to see what the future holds for Youth citizens of Joan’s Brave New World.

39 Hours per week in a car wash, for your dole plus €50 and you’ll learn about the two kinds of ‘detergants’ [sic].

Wrap the green flag ’round me, boys.


  1. Jaysus I hope no one starts abusing the system

  2. But you won’t learn to spell. Nobody really has since the 60s. Plenty of assholes collecting their Dept, of Education money in Dáil Eireann but. remember Pee Flynn boating about it on the Late Show..

  3. Where is the social and economic justice in using taxpayer’s money to pay the wages of Trump’s staff in Doonbeg?

  4. Tragically the text in this form is full of spelling mistakes and incredibly clumsy syntax.The content is even worse. What hope do our children have?

  5. It’s fucking simple, right….
    If your business is so busy that you need extra workers then you can afford to pay them!
    “Valuable experience” and “foot in the door” is complete bullshit.
    Every empoyer who avails of this is a fucking parasite and deserves to have his business burnt to the ground and Joan Burton the bloated queen of these maggots should be shot.

  6. people i figures out the hole jobs bridge . on the applacation form . it says what job will you accpt . well in that if you put ANY JOB FOR |THE LEGAL MINIMUN WAGE, you will not hear a word back . it would be call breach of contract then .

  7. Not even going to waste my time reading the BS.

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